Friday, January 07, 2005

Harold Ford Conscientiously Represents His Constituents. It's an Outrage!

Donald Luskin points to an assault on Tennessee's Harold Ford:

The Black body politic has been invaded by corporate money, which seeks through its media arms to select a “new” Black leadership from among a small group of compliant and corrupt Democrats. Memphis Congressman Harold Ford, Jr. is a principal vector of the disease, an eager acolyte of the corporate-funded Democratic Leadership Council (DLC), and now the point man among Black Democrats in the Republican mission to destroy Social Security.

....Harold Ford is preparing to defect from the Democratic and Congressional Black caucuses in service to George Bush’s Social Security privatization scheme, which he has embraced in principle.

The author of this vitriol apparently is unaware of the basic demographic facts. Blacks may be the most disadvantaged ethnic group under the Social Security system now in place. Blacks born after 1959 are not eligible for full SS retirement benefits until the age of 67. The average Black male has a life expectancy of 68-69 years.

Meaning the average Black man faces 50 years of 'contributions' of 12.4% of his income, and one to two years of benefits. So, who is it again who is a race traitor?

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