Monday, January 24, 2005

Winning One for the Whopper

The FLUBA Committee on Been There, Done That, takes note of some high profile evidence that confirms a theory of an entrepreneur of our acquaintance. That anyone so stupid as to waste four years and tens of thousands of dollars attaining a college degree, will be of no use to him in his business:

Imagine, a 9-on-9 made for television battle royale to decide whether a college education is worth it. This is a question all of us (especially those paying college loans) desperately want answered.

Here is the bottom line: If episode one's result is any indicator, it is time to put education on the back burner. In the contest to sell a specialty burger for Burger King, the high schoolers soundly defeated the college team.

For his poor leadership, the college grad team leader, 34-year-old University of Miami alum Todd, got the Trump-A-Dump. He was sent from the suite to the street for two failures: an awfully bad burger promotion, and training too few cashiers to serve the mealtime rush. Lucky for us, the way he was grilled and eaten for lunch by the diploma-challenged team, Todd and his educated group gave us plenty of lessons to use in our own workplaces and on our own jobs.

Mr. Trump set the stage by dividing the nine women and nine men into two groups: those with a college degree, and those without. ....

Episode one featured the two teams running separate Manhattan Burger King stores for a day. The winner was the team who sold the most of a featured burger, which each team picked from a group of the fast food chain's new product line. Winning team Net-Worth, headed by technology entrepreneur John, chose the western angus burger and used a cowboy theme and free trip for two to Las Vegas to outsell Magna by 182 burgers to 139.

Mamas, don't let your babies grow up to be college grads?

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