Friday, October 29, 2004

6 Impossible Things To Believe Before Voting For John Kerry

Red Queen-like, one would need a lot of practice before swallowing a Kerry Presidency. First, one would have to believe that past behavior is not a good predictor of future behavior.

Then one would have to believe that all these men are lying in 5 videos (thanks to Beldar for the alert).

Unless, one is prepared to accept as the next Commander in Chief, a fellow whose previous military career was one of gross dereliction of duty, falsification of official military records, failure to serve out his six year obligation (he served 3 years) as well as cutting and running after only 1/3 of the way through his Vietnam tour. And meeting with and aiding the enemy during the last few years of the war.

If you're able to accept that, then g'wan; Fly Under the Bridge. But don't be surprised when you hit a seagull or two along the way.

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