Thursday, October 21, 2004

He Was FLYING Under The Influence...

Yeah, yeah...that's the ticket. He was FUI.

Perhaps on the way back from the 1972 Halliburton Christmas party in Saudi Arabia, in his Stealth F-102. The same plane his father later used to fly to Paris in October 1980 to meet with Iranian diplomats. Yeah, yeah.

The Fly Under the Bridge Academy's anonymous, but well-placed sources indicate we should expect desperate Democrat operatives to leak--to whichever network anchor has any credibility left--late next week, a new outrage over Lt Geo. W. Bush's Texas ANG career.

Details are sketchy, but reports of highly amusing questions have been floated, out of the Pacific Northwest, to some former pilot colleagues of the President.

Betting is heavy for Friday, October 29th.


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