Thursday, October 21, 2004

The ManKerryan Candidate?

No, not Meryl Streep and Denzel Washington. Angela Lansbury and Laurence Harvey in 1962.

The plot revolves around a Korean War hero who was captured, and brainwashed, by North Korean and Chinese Communists. The hero and his band of brothers are returned to America as sleeper agents with a nefarious (and convoluted) assignment to place a candidate favorable to Communists, in the White House.

Students of irony will enjoy the role a bottle of Heinz ketchup plays.

Let's think about the Axis of Evil. One of its three members is still Communist, and with (possibly) nuclear weapons, more dangerous than ever. Would they have a secret way to influence a Kerry Administration [salt over shoulder] to act in their favor?

Not through brainwashing (he's done that to himself).

How about extortion?

Young husband John Kerry apparently gave up the habit of keeping a diary, after returning from Vietnam. At least he didn't share any entries from his honeymoon in France with Douglas Brinkley. Kerry has never revealed what he discussed with the Vietnamese Communists in Paris. Nor have the Communists.


Would a President Kerry want evidence of youthful treason leaked from North Korean and Vietnamese Communist intelligence sources with access to Le Duc Tho and Madame Binh's reports?

Would nuclear weapon and missile seller North Korea want a President Kerry to go easy on their customer Iran? Or pull American troops out of one time customer Iraq?

Does it even matter what Kerry did in Paris in the 70s? He'd have no way to authoratatively rebut forged documents from that era (and CBS News and Nightline don't care much about authenticity anyhow). They could threaten President Kerry with almost anything. True or not.

Has not John F. Kerry, by his actions 34 years ago, unwittingly made himself into a sleeper agent for Communists?

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