Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Your Man a Nattering Nabob of Negativism?

Here's a therapy website Democrats might want to visit before the next election (it's too late for this one):

When I am negative or pessimistic I:

look at the worst side of a situation.

take the opposing view in any positive conversation.

turn all conversations into griping, complaining, or bitching sessions.

complain about the inequities of life.

get bitter over how people treat me - now and in the past.

put down new, creative and inventive ideas as impossible.

When I'm negative or pessimistic I feel:

lonely, abandoned, and isolated.

incompetent, ignorant, and useless.

defeated, beaten down, and lost.

betrayed, cheated, and unwanted.

like a wimp, a loser, an outcast.

defiant, rebellious, and attacking.

As a result of my being pessimistic or negative I:

don't accept alternative solutions to problems.

am not a ``fun'' person to be around.

enjoy a "yes, but'' mentality.

What irrational thinking leads me to be pessimistic or negative?

Life should be simpler.

Life should be fair.

Life should be easy.

Why can't life be easier on me?

No matter how good a person I try to be, I always get screwed in the end.

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