Monday, October 18, 2004

Satisfied Republicans for Bush-Cheney 2004

So now we know why New Yorkers need votergasms:

Of those involved in a committed relationship, who is very satisfied with their relationship?Republicans — 87 percent; Democrats — 76 percent

Who is very satisfied with their sex life? Republicans — 56 percent; Democrats — 47 percent

The poll analysis also reveals who has worn something sexy to enhance their sex life:Republicans — 72 percent; Democrats — 62 percent

When asked whether they had ever faked an orgasm, more Democrats (33 percent) than Republicans (26 percent) said they had.

Among the factors that impact the survey results is that more men identify themselves as Republicans and men are more likely to say they are sexually satisfied and enjoy sex "a great deal." Also, Democrats are more likely to be women; and the poll results show that women are more likely to fake orgasms.

But women are less likely to have "worn something sexy", than Dick Cheney?

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