Thursday, October 07, 2004

Famous Last Words

Soon to join: "The atom bomb will never work. And I speak as an expert on explosives.", "[Wade Boggs is] not a major league prospect." and "Who the hell wants to hear actors talk?", will be:

before the magnitude of Cheney's disaster had a chance to sink in...

Some pretty good material from the supporting cast too:

These joe-six-pack types watch the debate, but normally do not sit down with a east-coast big-time newspaper and try to disseminate the facts from truth and fiction.So, that is why Cheney repeats the lie over-and-over again- it works.


I feel no one can anticipate how many seniors who are pissed off, and young voters whom normally never vote are going to be poured on the scales of voting tabulations. The centrists who voted for Bush last election are not riding the fence anymore. The registration has been quietly going on to the Republicans' dismay. Watch out, you may be surprised by 'the sleeping giant' (The American apathetic underground has been aroused, fear of draft, medicare, oil prices, economy, health care, et cetera.

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