Friday, October 29, 2004

The Zen Master of Poor Timing

Put on this earth to amuse the Academy, Dr. Paul Krugman does not disappoint:

Al Qaqaa illustrates in a particularly graphic way the failures of Mr. Bush's national security leadership. U.S. soldiers passed through Al Qaqaa, a crucial munitions dump, but were never told that it was important to secure the site. If administration officials object that they couldn't have spared enough troops to guard the site, they're admitting that they went in without enough troops. And the fact that these explosives fell into unknown hands is a perfect example of how the Iraq war has worsened the terrorist threat.

The Academy read today's NY Times column a few minutes after hearing Major Austin Pierson tell a news conference at the Pentagon that he, and his 24th Ordnance Co. took approximately 250 tons of captured enemy ammunition, including "plastic explosives" (aka RDX) out of the Al Qaqaa weapons dump in April 2003 and destroyed it by blowing it up.

That was his job. To keep captured enemy weapons from falling into hands of people who would use it against American and allied forces. Furthermore the area surrounding Al Qaqaa was pacified. There were few Iraqis on the scene, and those who were, were very respectful of the Americans. There were no hostilities at that time and place.

Another officer who was also there at the time stated that it wouldn't have been possible for Iraqis to move 370 tons of anything out of Al Qaqaa without the army noticing. Which they didn't.

Without a doubt, the Kerry campaign, and its auxilliaries, are the most inept group ever to run for President.

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