Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Max Sez: "G'wan, Fly Under the Bridge...You Know You Want To."

Economist Derangement Syndrome (EDS) rears its sad head:

We are here to help. We seek a sane conservative movement. We will always be cursed by the company of conservatives in the U.S. If the Nation is to endure, we need them to be led by able persons of good will, capable of working in concert with Democrats to solve problems.

We also have a not exactly sympathetic interest in explaining why John Kerry is a good Republican.

A Republican like Clifford Case, Frank Church, or Lowell Weicker, presumably. Here's the gist of Mad Max's song and dance:

Republican support for Kerry will pull him towards the Center, alienating the left. The left will be moved to consider new political institutions giving rise to wholesome progressive agitation -- Teamsters and turtles, together again. Unlike the Ralph Nader one-man unparty. You Republicans believe such a movement can never succeed, so you have no risk in indulging it. So my interest is clear. The only way the left can reconstitute is when it is relieved of the burden of playing outrider for the Corporate Democratic Party. A resurgent CDP will remind the left that it never gets sh*t when the CDP is in power.

Alternatively, rejecting Kerry and facilitating his defeat clears the way for Hillary in 2008. She will keenly take advantage of budding Bush debacles in Iraq, the economy, and other screw-ups we are confident he will devise. She will be aided by her rehabilitated hubby, for whom age and the passage of time will reduce the significance of the Monica thing.

Beat Kerry, and you bring back the Clintons. Boo!!! Wouldn't that be a scary commercial.

It doesn't seem to have occurred to Max that there's a good reason Hillary didn't run this time. She knows Bush is unbeatable with the economic numbers he's got.

No incumbent has ever lost a bid for re-election with an economy humming like this one. Never. That's why Kerry and his cronies are reduced to making up stories about missing explosives and The Mysteries of the Bush Flight Logs.

That, and because they're stupid.

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