Saturday, October 16, 2004

We Were Rude For Not Returning the Favor

John F'n Kerry graciously apologizes to the Cheneys.

Which requires reciprocity:

Dick and Lynne Cheney: "Since John Edwards was kind enough to say such warm things about our family, we'd like to return the compliment. We think it just wonderful that a man with millions of dollars of hard earned commissions to his name--who with all that money and his great hair--could have dumped his wife and gotten any babe he had eyes for. But he chose to stay married to a blimp who inhales Wendy's triple bacon cheeseburgers, biggie fries and biggie drinks."

To JFK II: "It's great you managed to avoid (mostly) one of your hero, JFK I's, character flaws; serial adultery. Heck, you even went the extra mile to make an honest woman of Teresa, by getting the Church to annul your marriage to your first wife--delegitimizing your two daughters' births--so you and Teresa could marry as Catholics and, as faithful husband and wife, promote abortion with taxpayers' money."

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