Friday, October 22, 2004

Teresa Motto Lotto

The FLUBA is an equal opportunity feedback source. So, we look for First Lady bumper stickers .

In the category; They Said You Wuz High Class:

Born in Mozambique and schooled in Switzerland

The French will love her

inherited an estate

garden-loving billionairess

owns five luxury homes and a private plane

The category; Weirder Than Eleanor and Hillary Combined:

just more excitable

"too crazy to be first lady"

an object of fascination


The Flying Squirrel

The category; Policy Wonk:

Washington will be more active

pro-choice and pro-homosexual rights

what a Kerry administration would bring

Kerry does listen to Teresa

running the salon

going to be controversial, which is good

she'll speak up

Category; The Social Graces:

not going to do what Mrs. Carter did

'don't think they're going to serve grits' -- Smith Bagley

have to have these stupid dinners

spirited and eclectic

doesn't like to "be bossed around"

knows where the brains are

One of her close friends is Ari Kopelman

from such trustworthy labels as Armani

only tacked on her husband's name

Finally--and the FLUBA's favorite--the category; And Plenty of It Please...We're Portuguese:

"cheeky" and "sexy"

likes to stay up late


She's a real sensualist

Blowsy hair, brassy mouth


by far the only thing to enjoy

What we're hungry for

green tea and Portuguese pound cake

[Deserving special emphasis:]

shared a ski instructor

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