Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Can't Get No Satisfaction

North Carolina State's Craig Newmark links to an attempt by "leading scholars to identify ten institutions that have adapted, endured and prevailed" in five categories. Concluding that the most noteworthy were:

Academic Institutions — Dartmouth College; Oxford University

Arts and Entertainment — The Modern Olympic Games; the Rolling Stones

Business and Commerce — General Electric; Sony

Government Institutions — American Constitution; International Telecommunication Union

Nonprofit Organizations — The Salvation Army; the Rockefeller Foundation

Prompting another institution that has adapted, endured and prevailed over the years, to announce another FLUBA Dumbassy nomination--in the category; 'Oh...You Mean Real Long Haired Music'--for Booz Allen's leading scholars. Who presumably have not heard of (to pull a few off the tops of our heads):

Academic Institutions: University of Bologna (1158), The Sorbonne (1257)

Arts and Entertainment: The (British) Open (1860), Teatro alla Scala (1778),
The Vienna Philharmonic (1842), Walt Disney (1937)

Business and Commerce: Beretta (1526), Pilsner Urquell (King Wenceslas-1300s), Sumitomo (1630)

Government Institutions: The Vatican, The British Monarchy (1066?)

Nonprofit Organizations: The Roman Catholic Church (380), International Red Cross (1863)

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