Thursday, December 30, 2004

So, Does John Ashcroft Like Barbecue?

No permit until they get the pigs in a blanket?

SNOHOMISH [Wash.]— A mural of pink pigs painted on the side of a barbecue restaurant is apparently too spicy for officials in this city's historic district.

The city has denied a permit to Janelle and Steve Carpenter, owners of the BBQ Shack, and the painting has remained veiled behind a white tarp since the restaurant opened last week.

The mural features five pink pigs on a white concrete wall, unwilling participants in meal preparation. One is ready to be grilled as another attempts escape in a hot air balloon. The remaining three appear to be to enticing drivers to stop.

....Janelle Carpenter said, the City Council told her she wouldn't need a permit to paint the exterior of the 600-square-foot building.

So began the $3,500 painting of unclothed pigs, as well as one of a black 1957 Chevrolet convertible - the town is known for its classic car shows.

But as the painting's neared completion, Carpenter said she was told that while painting a building is fine, pigs and other objects are considered murals and require a permit.

She said the city's Design Review Board, which makes recommendations about exterior changes to buildings in the district, objected to the painting because it doesn't fit the district's landscape and because naked pigs might lead to paintings of naked people.

...."How offensive can a pig be?" said Tom Grissett of Snohomish, a customer eating barbecue pork at the diner on yesterday. "When was the last time you saw pigs with clothes on?"

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