Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Husband of the Year...

Or, really, really stupid:

PORTLAND — His wife was sentenced to three years in prison for putting rat poison in his tacos, but Steve Wheeler says he still loves her.

"To put it simply, I think this is overdone," Wheeler, 57, told Multnomah County Circuit Judge Jean Kerr Maurer yesterday.

But the judge told the victim, "You are a very compassionate man. This is a very serious crime."
Carrie Lynn Wheeler, 31, admitted she mixed rat poison into tacos and served them to her husband. She also admitted grinding up prescription medications and putting them in a drink.

The case was settled with a plea bargain that took into account the victim's desire for leniency. Carrie Wheeler pleaded guilty to attempted assault in exchange for dismissing attempted murder charges.

"Knowing Carrie, my wife, this doesn't quite fit," Wheeler said. "I feel the sentence is too heavy."
As part of her sentence, Carrie Wheeler must undergo domestic violence counseling. She declined to say anything on her own behalf. But her lawyer, Ulanda Watkins, said Wheeler regretted what she'd done and had no excuse for it.

"My client and her husband plan to stay married," Watkins said. "She's looking forward to working on her mental health issues and depression."

But the judge told Carrie Wheeler she cannot have any contact with her husband unless a probation officer gives written approval.

"If you had been more successful, Mr. Wheeler wouldn't be here to speak on your behalf," Maurer told her.

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