Thursday, December 16, 2004

You Can't, Blame Canada...

For finally wising up to economic reality:

Ottawa - The Canadian government has signaled on Thursday it was ready to crack down on Internet pharmacies that send cheap medicine to the United States (US), often without Canadian doctors having seen the patients.

The practice, which figured prominently in the US presidential election campaign, had been seen as a way for American citizens and governments to save money. But it caused concern that it might lead to drug shortages in Canada.

....The federal government had long allowed the Internet pharmacies to stay in business, particularly in light of the thousands of jobs they have created in the Prairie province of Manitoba. But [Canadian Health Minister Ujjal] Dosanjh said he was ready now to start moving.

"These are unethical, unprofessional transactions at their inception, and no state can turn a blind eye to it," he said.

.... pharmaceutical companies have warned that they would not supply hugely increased volumes of drugs to Canada if it became apparent that these were simply being shipped back to the States at cut rates.

Dosanjh noted that US President George Bush had expressed concern about the possible bulk re-importation of drugs into the United States.

Oh, so there are advantages to having a cowboy in the White House after all.

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