Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Shouldn't He Be Teaching in the MBA Program?

Obviously a business genius:

For $49.95 you get a thong that lights up the derriere and almost everything around it for at least two hours. It's water-resistant and comes with a battery wall adapter, or you can buy a car charger similar to those used for cell phones.

You laugh. So did I.

What makes it even more outrageous is that GloThong is the idea of Beau Carpenter, who works at NASA and is an MBA student at Rice University. The avid runner had wanted to create luminescent jogging apparel, but he got sidetracked after finding a slew of thongs on the Internet.

"Why not make a thong that glows in the dark?" he thought.

So Carpenter rounded up his posse -- fellow Rice cohorts Chris Harris, an electrical engineering student, and Marcus Brocato, a chemistry lab manager who works with Nobel Prize winner Richard Smalley -- to develop GloThong.

....The men believe their invention is a hot twist on a fashion classic and hope to develop bras, swimsuits, scuba gear and maybe even dog collars.

To test out GloThong, they took their product to a Dickinson topless bar. "The women liked the product so much that they lined up to give us their real names and cell numbers," Carpenter said.

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