Thursday, December 30, 2004

Mulligans For Me, But Not For Thee

Democrat Governor-Enhanced-Elect Christine Gregoire, says, now that she's gotten her ball in the fairway--on her third shot--Republican Dino Rossi must pick up his:

In a letter to Gregoire, Rossi said controversies surrounding their record-close election have left voter confidence badly shaken. He also said if she agreed to a revote, it would head off what could be months of bitter legal fighting that might ensue if he and the Republican Party decide to contest the latest of three ballot counts.

"Quite frankly, folks, this election has been a total mess," Rossi said last night, before reading his letter aloud during a press conference in Bellevue.

Whoever is sworn in as the next governor would be "shrouded in suspicion," Rossi said in his letter. He urged Gregoire to join him in asking the Legislature to call for a new election.

"A revote would be the best solution for the people of our state and would give us a legitimate governorship," he said.

Gregoire's spokesman Morton Brilliant said she would not be joining Rossi's call. "This ain't golf," he said. "No mulligans allowed here, folks."

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