Thursday, December 30, 2004

We're Not Half the State Ukraine Is

Or so the Seattle Times seems to think:

Republican candidate Dino Rossi's call for a new election in the incredibly close Washington governor's race is the wrong plan for our state.

An election can be contested in the courts or perhaps the Legislature, but the law does not specifically provide for a new election.

What the Times is conveniently omitting is that state law doesn't prohibit a new election either. Nor that there are state laws about how re-counts are to be conducted that were clearly violated in King County (and probably in other counties, too), and that there are serious discrepancies in various reports of how many votes were cast.

So, what are the biggest reasons the Times believes weigh against a new election?

Some who voted in November have died; others have come of voting age, making it a different electorate. If the election were held, say, in February, as former Secretary of State Ralph Munro suggested, turnout could be dramatically different.

My, my.

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