Sunday, December 26, 2004

You Can Tell a Person's Breeding...

Apparently, George Bernard Shaw got it wrong. It's not how they conduct themselves in an argument, but in a robbery:

Zagreb - Police identified and eventually detained a man who robbed dozens of shops and swimming pools in the Croatian capital thanks to his good manners and kindness towards his victims, a spokesperson said on Wednesday."

He had a unique way of operating which included a very kind behaviour towards his victims," Zagreb police spokesperson Gordana Vulama said.

The 25-year-old, whose identity was not revealed, regularly explained to the employees of the premises he was looting that the robbery was "nothing personal", she said.

"Please take some money as well," "You are so kind" and "This is just a teeny-weeny robbery," were just a few of the phrases he used, Vulama said.

After an investigation in criminal circles, informers quickly led police to the unusually well-mannered robber, a drug addict who politely confessed to the string of burglaries.

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